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Finding a Corporate Training Vendor you can trust isn’t easy!

You know you need to create custom training for your colleagues. You’ve looked around at other vendors to meet your learning and development needs.

But you either have to pay 3x your budget for one training program. Hire a lone freelancer that takes too much time to deliver an hour of eLearning.

You’re starting to think this problem is not going to be solved fast enough! This means a loss of productivity, growth, and money for your people and the business.

You Need Rapid, High-Quality Training

Your business requires it and you need it done well. On-time and within budget.


Deliver the training you need at the same time it’s needed


Give your people courses and materials they want to look at. Get their attention!


Opt for training that solves skills and performance gaps with sound instruction.

3 Steps to Deliver Your Corporate Training



Together we’ll discover what you, your learners, and your organization needs. We’ll design a custom solution that meets all your needs.


We rapidly develop and package your training solution and get your approval every step of the way.


Relax. Watch it come together. Celebrate.

Sample a few HOOKED courses


“Thanks to you and your team for moving from concept to finished product given the challenges presented. We appreciated your patience, problem solving and willingness to 'get it right'.”

– HR Manager, Telecommunications Company 

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